In September 2021, we asked 500 respondents of working age (selected at random from the general population in the South East of England) five key questions about their working lives, pre-COVID and during COVID.

In this report, we explore changes in routines for commuting and new-found opportunities for remote and flexible working, alongside employers’ attitudes to alternative ways of working.

Where applicable, we’ve also segmented our data by industry sector, to add an additional layer of interest and context to our survey.

“We wanted to understand changes to employment resulting from the Covid 19 pandemic and how often staff were now commuting to work.

“Companies initially offered remote working out of necessity during lockdowns. This has now, in many instances, turned into more permanent flexible/hybrid working.

“From a Council perspective, we are reviewing our flexible working policies and practices for all staff, taking into account learnings from the pandemic”.

Cllr Eddy Humpreys

Has Covid 19 changed the way we work forever? This whitepaper aims to examine the issue in more detail.

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