• Employs over 12,000 people locally
• 17.4% of the borough’s total jobs

The Health and Social Care sector is the biggest employer in Reigate & Banstead employing 12,000 people (17.4% of the total jobs in Reigate & Banstead borough).

A career in Health and Social Care could mean you are working with children, young people or adults, people with disabilities, the elderly, sick or injured in their homes, health centres, GP surgeries or hospitals.

There are also jobs ‘behind the scenes’ like IT, catering, administration, finance, maintenance and project management.

Wherever you work, you would play a vital role in the sector and have the potential to make a huge difference to someone’s life, which makes a career in this sector extremely rewarding. Every day is different and working in Health and Social Care will generate lots of opportunities to develop and progress in your career.

The sector is also exploring new ways of delivering care and support, bringing exciting opportunities to be involved in innovative new ways of working and delivering services.
This is further broken down into:
Human health activities – 7,000 (10.1% of local jobs)
Residential care work – 3,500 (5.1% of local jobs)
Social work (non-residential) – 1,750 (2.5% of local jobs)

NHS Careers
There are many different routes into Health and Social Care but the NHS (National Health Service) is the largest employer in the UK, boasting 350 different career options
In the borough, East Surrey Hospital, located in Redhill, is part of the Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust. With almost 700 beds, it is a major local employer with a workforce of more than 4,000 in both clinical and non-clinical roles.

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