What made you choose a career in the industry?

My mum is my biggest inspiration and has had a successful and exciting career in advertising and communications. Marketing seemed like a natural route for me, as I’m a strong communicator and a creative person. I was drawn to arts marketing as I have a passion for arts and culture.

What was your route into the industry – i.e. university, internship?

I studied English at the University of Southampton and produced a marketing report for my dissertation, as I wanted to explore the challenges of attracting university student audiences to the Arts. My findings were considered valuable by the University and I was invited to speak on a ‘Public Policy’ podcast, discussing the impact of culture across the city.

After graduating, I took on an internship as a Marketing Assistant for a Hampshire-based theatre company.

What advice would you give to others trying to get into the industry? Expect to apply for lots of roles. Interviews are great experience and help build your confidence and understanding of the industry. The people I met at interviews often provided me with tips and advice on how best to progress. Another great thing to do is volunteer, as you can build skills and gain insights; I volunteered at an arts organisation locally.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learnt so far from working in the industry?

The value of the Arts. Theatres and creative industries were hit hard by the pandemic and have had to be very resilient. It’s been interesting to find new and creative ways to engage our audiences remotely and amazing to see how the Harlequin and other arts venues have adapted and support has grown. It really highlighted the importance of the Arts and the difference they can make to people’s lives.

What are the things you love most about working in the industry?

I love working in a theatre, surrounded by great cinema, live shows and exciting events; it’s such a dynamic and creative environment. Working in arts marketing allows me to combine my love of art and culture with my communication skills. I also enjoy the opportunities for creativity that marketing brings, be it staying up to date with the latest social media trends, or creating a brand for a new event.

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