People who work in construction help to shape the world around them; building schools, hospitals and homes. They create the infrastructure that supports our villages, towns and cities. By working in construction, you become a part of this essential work that helps to drive the country forward.

There around 2.9 million people who work in the construction industry in the UK – around 10% of all jobs.

An important sector in the local economy, there are 1,225 construction companies employing 5,000 people, or 7.5% of the total jobs in Reigate & Banstead borough.

This is further broken down into:

• Construction of buildings – 1,750 (2.6% of local jobs)
• Civil Engineering – 250 (0.4% of local jobs)
• Specialised Construction Activities – 2,500 (3.7% of local jobs)

Construction is a sector that suits people from a various different backgrounds, boasting a wide range of skills. There are lots of opportunities to develop your skills and access on-the-job training in construction.

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