There are 765 companies in this sector who employ 3,000 or 4.3% of the total jobs in Reigate & Banstead borough.

This is further broken down into: total jobs % of borough jobs

  • Wired telecommunications activities – 10 (0.0% of local jobs)
  • Wireless telecommunications activities – 40 (0.1% of local jobs)
  • Satellite telecommunications activities – 100 (0.1% of local jobs)
  • Other telecommunications activities – 225 (0.3% of local jobs)
  • Computer programming activities – 250 (0.4% of local jobs)
  • Computer consultancy activities – 1,500 (2.2% of local jobs)
  • Computer facilities management activities – 0 (0.0%of local jobs)
  • Other information technology and computer service activities – 350 (0.5% of local jobs)
  • Data processing, hosting and related activities – 175 (0.3% of local jobs)
  • Web portals – 10 (0.0% of local jobs)
  • News agency activities – 0 (0.0% of local jobs)
  • Other information service activities n.e.c. – 10 (0.0% of local jobs)

Information and communication is a broad sector that suits people from a multitude of backgrounds, boasting a wide range of different skills. There are lots of opportunities to develop your skills with on the job training and apprentiships.

Driven by the advancements in digital technologies, the use of data, and the need to remain secure. Growth areas are cyber security, cloud, IT governance, automation and the as-a-service model (for example, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) just ahead of Agile methods, mobile/apps, big data, AI, the internet of things, machine learning and 5G.

Computer generated special effects are becoming increasingly sophisticated. It requires a creative eye and innovative skills. Used in films, virtual reality, computer games, architectural designing, in medicine… the many uses will continue to increase as computer processing capacity becomes faster.

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