Find out about the types of jobs that are recruiting right now.

Job help from Jobcentre Plus provides some job search ideas. There are thousands of jobs available in a range of different industries like logistics, food retail, agriculture, care and the public sector.

You may never have considered these types of jobs before, but your experience and transferable skills could make you perfect for them.

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Read our guide on preparing for a video interview

Tips, advice and information on getting ready for a video interview.

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Helpful tips and advice

Use this guide to build your CV, with tips for each section that will help get you through to the interview stage.

CV Writing Guide
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How to write a great cover letter

Cover letters are an important part of job applications. It is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your skills and give examples of those skills in practice, whether that is in previous jobs, or voluntary work experience. The attention you put into a cover letter can jump you up the list of applicants and put you ahead.

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