What did your 9am-5pm look like and what does it look like now?

As a property manager my 9am-5pm consisted of dealing with issues raised by flat owners, planning major works projects, and ensuring relevant legislation is adhered to.

As an IT Support operative, whilst the specific issues and planning have changed, the broad feel of the role is very similar to what I had before – a healthy mix of customer service, problem solving, and technical knowledge.

How did you choose your new career?

I have wanted to get into IT since I was at school, but did not actively pursue it, and fell instead into Property Management. Property Management changed significantly over my 13 year stint and I fell out of love with the industry – now choosing to pursue my schoolboy hopes within IT.

Whilst I looked at jobs for a number of local IT companies, I was fortunate enough to be able to speak to Russ McKenzie (director of nTrust) about the company, and it became clear during our conversation that our values are aligned – excellent customer service, and a great team, is at the core of any business.

What qualifications did you complete or start working towards before switching career?

I have had a keen interest in IT for as long as I can remember and have been building computers and providing informal technical support to friends and family for two decades. However, as my knowledge was informal and fragmented, I spent a considerable time investigating the different training options available. After weighing up the various options, I settled upon using online training resources to acquire CompTIA A+ certification, which covers software and hardware maintenance, and I also attended night classes at Nescot College to enhance my understanding of Networking.

Which former skills have been directly transferable to your new career?

Good customer service, problem solving, and time management skills are useful in every field. These skills were built upon during my property management career and have proven invaluable in making the leap to IT Support.

Why was a local career important to you?

When looking for a new role, there was no doubt that it had to be within the local area, commuting on a train to London has never appealed to me – and even less so during Covid. Having a short commute opens up a number of opportunities; not least being home quickly after work to spend time with my family.

Do you have any advice for others looking to change or try something new?

Anyone considering a change in career should do everything they can to research the role, warts and all, and consider carefully if it is for them. If they think it is, they should search for suitable jobs and identify key skills employers are seeking and look to acquire those skills. Whilst you will not have direct experience in the field, the right employer will appreciate the self-motivation to take such a leap and snap you up. Once the foundation has been set: if an opportunity comes up – take it!

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