Kimberly-Clark's well-known global brands include Andrex, Cottonelle, Depend, Huggies, Kleenex, Plenitude and Poise.

Our Behaviours

Build Trust

We assume positive intent in others and welcome different perspectives and debate. We commit to a group decision even if it is not our preferred option.

Make Decisions

We make decisions in as short a time as possible, involving just the people necessary, and celebrate others who take smart risks.

Win Consistently

We consistently ask, “What else can I do?” to exceed expectations and deliver the overall best results for the enterprise.

Think Customer

We anticipate customer needs and drive innovation for their benefit. We adopt ideas wherever possible to get innovation to the customer faster.

Continuously Improve

We reach across boundaries for new ideas to improve our business.

Build Talent

We are all accountable to attract, develop and retain a diverse team who are highly engaged and enabled. We also own our own development.


We offer competitive pay and benefits to employees and reward excellence and performance. Our belief in promoting a healthy work-life balance drives us to support our employees total well-being with competitive benefits. Certain benefits, such as flexible work schedules and parental leave, can be tailored to meet specific individual needs, giving our employees the flexibility to manage their commitments inside and outside work. We are proud to be a top 100 workplace for working mothers for two years in a row.

Flex work

We recognised that what you accomplish can be more important than where and when you work. Likewise, the ability to manage non-professional commitments can reduce stress and improve productivity at work. That’s why we offer opportunities to work remotely, work reduced schedule, share a job with someone else or start the day earlier or later than usual on a regular or as-needed basis, depending on both personal need and business requirements.

Career Areas

Who works here?
As a multinational corporation, employing over 40,000 people worldwide, we can offer you fantastic growth opportunities across a wide range of career areas:

Supply chain
The Supply Chain function underpins almost every aspect of our business from the purchase of raw materials to delivery of products to our customers and managing customer orders and deliveries.

Use your analytical skills and business acumen in roles within teams such as Planning, Procurement and Logistics to reveal ways to make us nimbler, more efficient and faster to market – from source to shelf. Supply chain team members are vital to our manufacturing process, working with business and operations colleagues to contract, move and certify everything we need for our best-selling brands.

Information technology
Support our top global brands with customer-centric, innovative, agile IT advances, creating tomorrow’s digital solutions today. Your work touches every area of our business, whether taking a beloved brand like Huggies to a new level or using artificial intelligence and virtual reality to ensure the best shopping experience for our customers or to optimise manufacturing.

At Kimberly-Clark, we expect our finance team members to think and act like CFOs: to consider the broader business implications of every decision and take accountability for financial results. Work alongside product development, operations, marketing and sales to help transform processes and inspire new ways of thinking about our performance.

Thrive on the latest automated manufacturing technologies as you help us produce inventive products better, faster and more efficiently than ever before. Be part of a supportive, collaborative team that solves real problems in a clean and safe environment.

We have structured career paths for our operators with many individuals with 20+ years’ service.
Process and technical apprentice routes, of which some apprentice have progressed to become engineers
Safety culture: We make safety a personal value – caring about our own safety, others’ safety, and continuously improving safety
We are committed to providing safe, high-quality products across all our brands

Corporate services
Join our Legal, Human Resources, Corporate Communications, Compliance, and Corporate Responsibility teams that help drive and support our global business. Your innovations can help us improve how we work and grow while ensuring sustainability and accountability to our customers, our investors, our employees, our partners – and ultimately, the world.

A chance to grow iconic, billion-dollar brands like Huggies, Kleenex, Scott and Depend. Be part of an agile team that uses the best-in-class marketing to develop and execute big consumer-centric ideas and make a difference in the categories we operate in.

Research & engineering
Kimberly-Clark reinvents what’s possible every day with 3,000 of the brightest minds in engineering and science and some of the most innovative manufacturing systems in the business. Put your curiosity and passion for solving real-world challenges to work bringing innovative and essential products to consumers around the world. Over 20,00 patents and counting.


Represent some of the UK’s most loved brands – including Andrex, Huggies and Kleenex – and work with the nation’s largest retailers. We’ll arm you with leading-edge shopper insights and marketing programmes so you can create in-store consumer and retail experiences that propel us to new levels.

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