What did your 9am-5pm look like and what does it look like now?

I was unemployed before I joined nTrust. The job I’d had previously was as an Administrator which I found repetitive and not very exciting.

My 9am – 5pm now is much more fascinating. I’m learning a lot, and every day is different. I also now work in a career that I’m happy to talk about. Before, when people asked me what I did for a living, I wasn’t very enthusiastic, now I can’t wait to tell people what I do.

How did you choose your new career?

I have previous experience working in the IT Industry (I was working for an IT Recruitment Company so I was familiar with the industry), and I knew there was potential to have a good career where I can learn a lot and earn a good salary.

I also liked the company longevity and company values of nTrust, values that resonate with my own. The business also works with technology that I wanted to learn more about so it felt like an obvious match.

What qualifications did you complete or start working towards before switching career?

I started a traineeship and numerous IT certifications including: CompTIA A+; CompTIA Network+; CompTIA Security+; ITIL Foundation; Cisco ICND1; Microsoft Windows 7 & Windows 10.

Which former skills have been directly transferable to your new career?

Two important skills that I use consistently in this role are customer services, and telephone communication. Both of these have been directly transferable and essential to my new role.

Why was a local career important to you?

I didn’t want to spend three hours a day commuting – that would be my average commute time to London! I knew it would impact my personal/social life (spending time with family, less time on hobbies etc.) and I also wanted to use my car as I enjoy driving.

Do you have any advice for others looking to change or try something new?

Don’t leave it too late! I think I should’ve done what I’m doing now years ago. Try and complete some training/work experience/certifications ahead of applying for new roles. Be proactive if you’ve applied for new role, don’t wait on them, chase them.

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